ChargeTronix Appoints VP of Operations and EV Fleet Sales Manager

Costa Mesa, CA – ChargeTronix, a leading global provider of reliable, powerful and intelligent electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, today announced the appointment of Stephen Israel as Vice President of Operations and Christopher McNamara as EV Fleet Sales Manager. Both roles begin immediately.

ChargeTronix is committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles by providing industry-leading charging infrastructure and end-to-end solutions for customers, including charge point operators, fleet and network operators, and across sectors such as governments and municipalities, retail, and hospitality. Israel and McNamara’s combined expertise will help the company scale by driving strategic expansion efforts, enhancing market penetration, and ensuring sustainable growth and success.

“Israel’s and McNamara’s expertise and track records within the EV industry make them invaluable additions for scaling our charging infrastructure,” said Xavier Landavazo, CEO of ChargeTronix. “With Israel’s extensive experience as a seasoned designer and developer of EV charging systems and McNamara’s proven sales acumen, we are poised to significantly accelerate our growth and expand into the new markets necessary to make reliable charging infrastructure a reality in the U.S.”

Stephen Israel has 15 years of experience working with the largest EV charging station operators worldwide. In his role as Vice President of Operations, Israel will oversee the strategic expansion, deployment, and technological advancement of ChargeTronix’s EV charging infrastructure. Most recently, he was Senior Director of Product Management at BTCPower and was previously Director of Field Operations and Maintenance at EVgo.

“While the popularity of EV’s continues to grow, charger reliability and efficiency is becoming even more critical in making the successful transition to a mainstream industry,” said Stephen Israel, Vice President of Operations at ChargeTronix. “I’m excited to lead the team at ChargeTronix by ensuring its products provide a flexible, fast, and reliable charging experience. I look forward to leveraging my experience in design, development, and execution of Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment to support the company’s focus on providing simple future-proofed EV charging solutions.”

Christopher McNamara joins ChargeTronix with over 10 years of proven sales expertise. In his role as EV Fleet Sales Manager, his strategic focus includes implementing automated solutions across diverse functions to enhance customer support in line with ChargeTronix’s comprehensive product and service portfolio, facilitating the ongoing integration of EV infrastructure. McNamara’s career path includes notable tenures as Regional Sales Manager at BTC Power and Regional Director at Oracle.

“The growing demand for EVs is an exciting opportunity for shifting away from fossil fuels, but unless we scale sufficient charging infrastructure, the industry will be unable to get off of its feet,” said Christopher McNamara, EV Fleet Sales Manager at ChargeTronix. “There’s no better time than now for the EV charging space to grow. I’m honored to join ChargeTronix and apply my sales experience to help increase the availability of reliable, fast charging infrastructure needed to support the rise in EV adoption.”

As the company continues to scale, ChargeTronix plans to more than double its staff this year. The new hires will be located throughout the U.S. and will include multiple levels across sales, engineering operations and aftermarket.

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Source: ChargeTronix, April 30th 2024