Cheetah Chassis Chooses ConMet

Vancouver, WA – ConMet, a prominent global purveyor of transformative technologies tailored for commercial trucks and trailers, is pleased to announce a significant development in its partnership with Cheetah Chassis, the distinguished manufacturer of custom container chassis and specialized flatbed trailers.

Headquartered in Berwick, Pennsylvania, Cheetah Chassis has garnered acclaim for its intricate manufacturing processes, which yield robust and lightweight container chassis renowned for their enduring quality. The recent selection of ConMet’s PreSet Plus hub assemblies as the standard choice by Cheetah Chassis serves as a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence and reliability in their offerings.

James Boucher, Materials Manager at Cheetah Chassis, articulated the company’s commitment to providing proven solutions that enhance the efficiency of their customers’ operations. “At Cheetah Chassis,” Mr. Boucher explained, “we prioritize proven solutions that contribute to the overall success of our customers’ operations. When specifying supplier components, we follow our best-in-class requirements, including quality, ease of installation, warranty, future maintenance, and safety. And by choosing PreSet Plus, we’re equipping our trailers with the most advanced wheel end technology that offers enhanced efficiency and reduced maintenance.”

The PreSet Plus hub assemblies represent the pinnacle of wheel hub innovation within the industry, boasting a meticulously engineered array of components. This includes a specially designed seal, pre-adjusted bearings, wheel studs, spindle nut, and ABS tone ring, all meticulously calibrated to ensure the highest standards of safety and reliability. ConMet’s ingenious spacer, engineered to provide a fixed, precise distance between the inner and outer bearings, facilitates meticulous adjustment when torquing the spindle nut. A conveniently placed fill hole ensures rapid and straightforward lubrication, while a standard magnetic fill plug facilitates easy inspection of lubricant levels. Furthermore, a patented integrated spindle nut system not only significantly enhances wheel end clamp load but also streamlines the installation process, eases hub removal for service, and enhances overall safety standards.

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Source: ConMet, September 19th 2023