Echoes of the Open Road

September 10th – 16th is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

We honor today’s heroes of the road with a poem:

In the heartland’s endless expanse they roam,

Truckers of the modern age, not bound by home.

Like cowboys of the old west, they ride the road,

In steel and chrome, their stories yet untold.

The cowboys of old, on broncos they’d ride,

In a world of dust and danger, their spirits never hide.

They tamed the wild west, with courage untold,

Their stories of rugged freedom, forever retold.

Now truckers command rigs of metal and might,

On asphalt trails, they navigate day and night.

Their cargo, their cattle, a modern-day quest,

Across landscapes vast, they’re put to the test.

Though their hats may be caps, not Stetsons so wide,

And instead of spurs, they’ve gears by their side,

In the heart of their journey, a spirit resides,

A kinship with cowboys that nothing divides.

They chase horizons, where the open road calls,

Both truckers and cowboys, the highway enthralls.

Their stories of courage and trials they share,

In the lore of the road, a bond they both wear.

Truckers, the modern cowboys of the road,

With steel steeds, on highways, they boldly explode.

From prairies to highways, their tales may evolve,

Yet the essence of freedom in both still revolves.

1Truck America, September 9th 2023