Fleetworthy’s CPSuite guides fleets along the road to success

Managing safety and compliance for your fleet’s drivers and assets is a never-ending journey. Doing it yourself is a daunting task — and it requires a huge time investment. Many things along the way can detour you from reaching your destination, such as managing driver documents, getting correct permits, renewing registrations and dealing with fuel taxes.

On top of that, with constantly changing regulations and the huge amount of data generated by drive cams, electronic logging devices (ELDs), monitoring systems and other transportation technologies, it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything. You need help to streamline your fleet’s activities, provide visibility and improve your decision-making ability.

Most companies turn to a technology solution for help — but technology only gets you so far. Without a team of experts with a deep understanding of the complexities of the transportation industry, fleets can still find themselves overwhelmed.

The answer? You need Fleetworthy Solutions’ Intelligent Compliance Platform, CPSuite. Fleetworthy’s three-pillar approach combines data; powerful, user-friendly technology; and people who truly care about your company. CPSuite helps mitigate your fleet’s risk of audit violations, penalties and dreaded “nuclear verdicts” by helping you meet minimum compliance standards — and then exceed them.

With Fleetworthy’s CPSuite, all of your data and documents are managed in a 360 degree “Single Source of Truth” that can be analyzed at a glance or through detailed dashboards, helping you make sound decisions and increase your fleet’s productivity. Behind the scenes, CPSuite’s Automated Compliance Evaluation System, or ACES, examines each driver and asset 24x7x365 to make sure they are compliant. If anything needs to be ordered or completed, ACES creates work requests to ensure it gets done.

And, with Fleetworthy’s knowledgeable subject matter experts guiding you, you’ll never worry about maintaining renewals, permits, driver qualifications or other regulated requirements again. Fleetworthy completes the work swiftly and thoroughly, with total transparency, to give you confidence that you’re protected.

Finally, there’s an intelligent solution to make managing your fleet’s compliance easier. Go beyond compliant with Fleetworthy’s CPSuite.