How Intangles Helps Fleet Operators Optimize Their Operations

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be challenging, especially when it comes to fuel consumption, breakdowns, thefts, and maintenance issues which can threaten your bottom line. 

These are just some of the challenges that can plague organizations that are reactive instead of proactive, leading to inefficient fleet operation. This can leave money and time on the table for operators trying to create a seamless fleet where real, tangible data is informing optimizations. Tried and true methods of fleet operation are inferior to AI technology that can help automate these checkpoints with careful monitoring, reporting, and assessments that can help you reach your efficiency peak.

To help you overcome these challenges and optimize your operations, Intangles offers a suite of solutions that helps optimize your fleet management and boost performance; helping your operation grow, scale, and thrive in the digital age.

Here are some of the ways Intangles and our predictive and prescriptive platform can help:

Real-Time Tracking
Vehicle tracking is a critical aspect of fleet management, that helps operators have a bird’s eye view of their fleets. Knowing exactly how much your vehicles have traveled in the last few days, or if there is an emergency is time-sensitive and the faster this critical information is relayed, the faster adjustments can be made. With Intangles you can look at real-time or historic data, replaying trips during specific dates and time ranges. Managing exactly where your trucks and vehicles go is made possible with geofencing routes, so you can be sure that your drivers and operators are going exactly where they need to be, on time.

With our Digital Twin technology, Intangles allows you to see what happens in real time on our digital interface, helping you simulate real-world environments into a virtual world, allowing you to command your fleet more easily.

Keeping the fast-paced nature of tracking fleets in mind, emergency issues can arise and your drivers may not be able to communicate this. With the ability to pinpoint the location of a vehicle, emergencies can be addressed in a timely manner and without the collateral damage that could occur if this process is delayed. This helps minimize liabilities, helping you keep your workers injury-free.

Real-time tracking is now the gold standard for monitoring the performance of your fleet, optimizing routes, and reducing fuel costs.

Breakdowns & Preventative Maintenance
Maintaining your fleet is a massive undertaking and is also critically important to keeping trucks, and vehicles on the road. You invest a lot into your vehicles, so why should your maintenance begin and end at elementary checkups? With Intangles, you can get up-to-date, daily reports on your vehicles, schedule maintenance based on prescriptive and predictive insights, and make adjustments on the fly, helping you foresee and address a breakdown before it happens.

We monitor your brakes, driveline, turbo, and intercooler to help you assess the overall integrity of all your vehicles. This feeds into our platform where we give you insights into the issues, what repair strategies are needed per vehicle, and preventative measures to keep your fleet running.

Multiple controllers capture data on various systems to provide you with data that matters to your bottom line.

Promoting & Developing A Safe Driving Environment
Your drivers and operators are the lifeblood of your business, so it is imperative that they are well taken care of. With around 90% of road accidents occurring due to driving errors, a poor environment for tracking and monitoring drivers can lead to increased repair costs, insurance premiums, inefficient gas usage, and other adverse effects.

Driver education, performance metrics, and incentive and training programs help your drivers operate at their best. With Intangles, our measurement and benchmarking help you track individual drivers and reward them based on their health driving techniques and performance. Monitoring everything from idling to abrupt stoppages to heartbreaking and unscheduled driving, you can rest assured that your organization is employing best practices and protocols in getting the job done.

End the guesswork and use Intangles to get real data on your drivers and how best to address pertinent issues that can slow your business to a halt.

Fuel Waste & Shrinkage
One of the most significant challenges faced by fleet managers is fuel shrinkage. Fuel shrinkage is the loss of fuel due to theft, inaccurate fueling records, and other factors. This is a problem that has persisted for quite some time and rudimentary fuel-tracking devices of the past have not been effective enough to provide the quantity of fuel stolen, the location, or timestamps for more context.

With a quick and easy installation that requires no drilling, our fuel-tracking device makes it easy to pinpoint the quantity stolen, the location of the theft, and when it happened, alongside fuel fills at unauthorized fuel stations.

Intangles’ Fuel Monitoring solution leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze fuel consumption data and provide insights into fuel consumption patterns, anomalies, and potential theft. This includes tracking driver behaviour and vehicle health to provide insights on potential theft.

Additionally, Intangles helps you reduce CO2 emissions on the road to a healthier planet Earth, and with easy integration into a wide range of vehicle manufacturers, it’s never been easier to start tracking your fleet’s fuel consumption.

By monitoring fuel consumption in real-time, you can detect and address fuel shrinkage when it happens with data you can rely on.

With the tools at your disposal, Intangles is committed to helping you optimize your fleet, helping detect and address inefficiencies. Our Digital Twin technology and our data-driven platform help you save money at every step of the way, while keeping your drivers and operators safe, happy, and well-managed.

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Source: Intangles, August 16th 2023