JCB Announces New Facility In San Antonio

Savannah, GA – JCB, the renowned heavy equipment manufacturer, has revealed its ambitious plan to establish a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Texas. This development is set to create 1,500 new jobs over the course of the next five years. The forthcoming 720,000 square-foot factory will break ground early next year on a sprawling 400-acre site nestled in the heart of San Antonio, Texas.

This state-of-the-art facility will primarily cater to the needs of customers in North America, a region widely recognized as the world’s largest market for construction equipment. Notably, this venture marks JCB’s second manufacturing plant in North America, with the initial one commencing operations in Savannah, Georgia, back in 2001. At present, JCB North America already boasts a workforce of 1,000 employees, and further expansion is on the horizon. Specific product details produced at the upcoming facility will be disclosed at a later date.


Graeme Macdonald, CEO of JCB, emphasized the pivotal role of North America in the company’s future growth and success: “North America is integral to the growth and success of JCB’s business in the future and the time is now right for JCB to expand its manufacturing presence there. Texas is a vibrant and growing economy, and the state offers great advantages in terms of a central location, as well as good highway and port access. The city of San Antonio also has a well-established skills base, which makes it a very attractive place to set up a factory.”


Lord Bamford, Chairman of JCB, reflected on the company’s journey since making its first foray into the US market in 1964. He underscored that this new investment is set to bring substantial benefits to JCB’s North American clientele and will serve as a robust platform for the company’s future endeavors.


Richard Fox-Marrs, President & CEO for JCB North America, also shared his insights, highlighting the extensive growth experienced in the region over recent years. He commented, “The growth we’ve experienced in the past few years in North America has been extensive and demand for our products continues to grow. The decision to expand our manufacturing footprint will bring us even closer to our customers and will allow us to further capitalize on market opportunities in North America.”


JCB, a globally renowned name in heavy equipment manufacturing, operates an impressive 22 factories across the world, including 11 in the United Kingdom and additional sites in India, Brazil, and China. The company is on the verge of celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2025, a testament to its enduring commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Source: JCB, October 13th 2023