Nikolas Runge Named as Chief Technology Officer at InCharge Energy

Los Angeles, CA InCharge Energy, the leading provider of turnkey electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for North American fleets, is pleased to announce the appointment of Nikolas Runge as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), following his recent tenure as interim CTO. With a proven track record in the EV industry, Runge brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the already robust executive team.

Runge’s appointment comes at a time of rapid change in the industry, including the recent widescale adoption of Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) by automakers, the growing interest in bidirectional charging, the increasing number of onsite microgrids at fleet charging depots, and the growing role of AI in optimizing EV charging.

Based in InCharge’s Virginia-based Engineering Testing & Fulfillment Center, Runge’s accomplishments include successfully scaling the Engineering and Product teams to support the rollout of more than 4,300 EV chargers in 2023. He has helped drive the technological development and launch of several innovative fleet charging solutions, including three Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) chargers and the Dual ICE-80A Level 2 charger in 2023, plus the ICE-600kW and ICE-480kW split systems announced at ACT Expo last month.

Runge explained what fleets can expect from InCharge Energy going forward, stating that “As EV charging technology leaps forward with the rise of V2X, AI and machine learning, and ever deeper integrations with telematics and energy providers, InCharge is focused on continually tightening its hardware and software development cycles to iteratively respond to evolving market needs with high-uptime and reliable charging solutions.”

Runge’s 12 years of prior experience in electric mobility – with technology consultancy P3, charging solution provider innogy eMobility, and EV charging systems (EVSE) manufacturer BTC Power – make him well-suited for this role. Raised in a trucking family, Nikolas’ earliest working experience involved driving commercial trucks and operating a fleet of semis in northwestern Germany. His hands-on knowledge of vehicle mechanics and logistics has been instrumental in shaping his vision for the future of EV charging technology for commercial fleets.

Cameron Funk, CEO of InCharge Energy, expressed his continued confidence in Runge’s leadership: “Nikolas and I have spent many years together creating industry-first products. Under Nikolas’ guidance, our Engineering and Product teams will continue to lead the industry by providing first-class EV charging solutions.”

Terry O’Day, COO of InCharge Energy, added: “Nikolas’ vision for scaling EV charging technology is fundamental to driving EV adoption among fleets in the North American market. His passion for working with people and building teams in clean energy and his practical experience make him an invaluable leader to our team.”

InCharge Energy remains committed to advancing fleets of all kinds – including commercial, automotive, school, public and nonprofit agencies and more – into a sustainable future, and Nikolas Runge’s appointment as CTO reinforces the company’s laser-focused commitment to innovation, reliability, and sustainability.

Nikolas Runge Named as Chief Technology Officer at InCharge Energy