PALFINGER Opens North American HQ

Yesterday, PALFINGER, the global market leader for innovative crane and lifting solutions, celebrated the opening of its new North American headquarters, which features a state-of-the-art facility with an integrated demonstration and training center. The opening underscores PALFINGER’s strategic goal to become number one in the North American lifting industry.

Strategically positioned for its centrally coordinated market, first-class sales and service training center, attractive labor market and excellent international accessibility: PALFINGER’s new regional headquarters in Schaumburg, IL paves the way for the world market leader to thrive in North America. Being a dominant player in the region since 1989, the world’s leading provider of innovative crane and lifting solutions is now setting out to become number one in North America. By establishing a new headquarters in Illinois, PALFINGER is combining its European technologies focusing on product quality, and sales and service training expertise with a strong North American footprint.

Yesterday, the PALFINGER North American headquarters officially opened in the presence of local authorities, media representatives, regional customers and dealers, as well as the global executive team and regional management team. “We are here to stay and grow. Led by our strong focus on our customers, we will use the next five years to significantly increase our North American market share in all product segments and show what we are capable of,” says PALFINGER CEO Andreas Klauser.

The company’s presence in North America is already impressive: with a broad sales and service network across the region, a mobile service fleet of over 100 vehicles, four manufacturing sites and 15 locations that offer custom-built solutions, PALFINGER guarantees its customers the best support close at hand in the region. 

Led by our strong focus on our customers, we will use the next five years to significantly increase our North American market share in all product segments and show what we are capable of

Illinois – A state home to technology

The global technology and engineering company’s investment in its North American HQ totals around four million dollars. Schaumburg, the state’s second largest economic location outside Chicago, is the ideal location for PALFINGER, as it offers a strong industrial base with a technology-driven sector and excellent international accessibility. Here, PALFINGER is creating additional jobs at their state-of-the-art facility.

We are excited that PALFINGER is bringing its new North American headquarters to Schaumburg. We are honored to be chosen as the location for PALFINGER’s regional expansion, and we look forward to the opportunities and positive impact it brings to our community. The decision to establish the headquarters here is a testament to the remarkable potential and countless advantages that the city offers. We wish PALFINGER much success,” says Schaumburg Mayor Tom Dailly.

The management team around Ismael Daneluz, Vice President of Sales & Service Region North and Latin America, is composed of five additional managers, who will guide and drive the organization forward. “Opening the new North American headquarters reflects our commitment to PALFINGER’s second biggest market. We aim to serve our customers better than ever before, to strengthen our presence, and further expand our operations in North America, driving innovation and delivering industry-leading solutions to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers and partners,” outlines Ismael Daneluz.

Facilities set for the future

At the heart of the new headquarters is its advanced training center, which offers an unrivaled sales and service training program. Equipped with two state-of-the-art training rooms, the training center can accommodate up to 90 people at a time. These cutting-edge spaces provide the ideal environment for interactive and collaborative learning experiences. Complementing the training rooms, PALFINGER’s headquarters boasts a modern product operation and hands-on service training area, complete with an indoor vehicle display. This dedicated space allows trainees to gain practical, real-world experience with PALFINGER equipment, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the demands of their respective industries. PALFINGER also introduces a virtual reality training experience area, revolutionizing the way operators learn to handle lifting equipment. This immersive technology enables trainees to operate a wide range of equipment without prior experience, fostering a safe and efficient learning environment. To further enhance the brand experience, the headquarters features a “Fan Shop” where visitors can get exclusive, limited-edition PALFINGER-branded items and apparel that reflects the company’s commitment to quality and style.

European technology but American at heart

PALFINGER’s new headquarters in North America represents a major milestone in the company’s journey to become the market leader in the region. With a strong focus on delivering exceptional customer service, PALFINGER has made significant investments in cutting-edge training facilities, ensuring that partners and employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in their roles. While PALFINGER products boast European technology, they are proudly assembled in Canada and the United States, and specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the North American market. PALFINGER has established a substantial regional presence, providing jobs and contributing to the communities where it operates. The new regional headquarters will further contribute to regional job creation solidifying its commitment to growth and success in North America, staying true to the company’s motto “Together we can reach anything”.

Source: Grayling, June 8th 2023