Patrick Macdonald-King Appointed CEO of Greenlane

PORTLAND, OR — In a significant development, Daimler Truck North America, LLC (DTNA), in conjunction with NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, and BlackRock’s Climate Infrastructure business (BlackRock), announced a pivotal appointment today. Patrick Macdonald-King has taken the reins as the Chief Executive Officer of Greenlane, a position that comes into immediate effect. This announcement coincides with the formal inception of a monumental joint venture, valued at over $650 million, jointly established by DTNA, NextEra Energy Resources, and BlackRock. The venture’s ambitious goal is to erect an expansive, high-performance, emissions-free charging and hydrogen fueling infrastructure, destined to serve medium- and heavy-duty battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles across the United States.

With a distinguished career that spans over three decades, Patrick Macdonald-King arrives at Greenlane’s helm, bearing a treasure trove of experience garnered across various sectors. Prior to assuming his new role, Macdonald-King occupied the esteemed positions of President and Chief Operating Officer at EV Connect, a prominent provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging networks, not only in the United States but with a global footprint extending to Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Before his tenure at EV Connect, Macdonald-King founded and held the prestigious title of Chief Executive Officer at DAX, a software-as-a-service entity specializing in asset management and cloud workflow applications. His academic pedigree boasts a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Western University, Canada.

The strategic vision embodied by Greenlane arises as an answer to the exigent need for comprehensive charging infrastructure, aiming to expedite the proliferation of carbon-neutral transportation. The conspicuous dearth of nationwide public charging infrastructure for commercial electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, especially those employed in long-haul freight operations, looms large as one of the most formidable roadblocks hindering the widespread adoption of eco-friendly vehicular fleets. In an earnest endeavor to surmount this challenge, the Greenlane network has been meticulously planned to encompass charging stations and hydrogen refueling points strategically situated along critical freight routes spanning the east and west coasts, with a particular emphasis on the state of Texas, aligning with the anticipated demands of discerning customers. An extra layer of innovation is anticipated through the introduction of novel customer-centric experiences, facilitated by recently developed charging and energy management software solutions. Notably, Greenlane is set to be powered by renewable energy sources, cementing its commitment to environmental sustainability.

For those seeking to delve further into Greenlane’s staunch dedication to sustainable transportation, additional information is available at their official website:

Source: Daimler Truck North America, September 28th 2023