The advantages of FleetPulse

Great Dane has upgraded their telematics system FleetPulse, which will now come on all of their trailers. Here's what it can do:

Maximizing ROI in the logistics industry means knowing your numbers—a lot of numbers. On a single trailer, everything from mileage to tire inflation and hundreds of other data points in between can now be tracked to effectively maximize a fleet’s uptime, safety, and security. With that in mind, FleetPulse smart trailer telematics system has gotten an upgrade with an eye on taking trailer connectivity to the next level.

“From increasing staff and resources to enhancing features on FleetPulse, the team is focused on providing the best smart trailer service for the trucking industry,” says Great Dane Executive Director of FleetPulse, Ross Froat. “We will continue to add features to the system with a strong focus on highway safety.”

In 2023, FleetPulse will now come on all Great Dane trailers including dry vans, reefers, and flatbeds. FleetPulse will also include ABS fault code alerts and actual mileage from hub rotations, giving fleets access to more safety and preventative maintenance information out of the box.

Fleets can also upgrade to FleetPulsePRO, which provides data from a full suite of smart sensors on the leading edge of smart trailer technology. This gives fleets even more data to maximize utilization and uptime, while also addressing industry pain points around capacity, technician shortages, and driver retention.

All FleetPulse-enabled equipment includes built-in Controller Area Network (CAN) harnessing so that smart sensors can be added in the aftermarket when new technology is introduced. CAN is a robust system towards electric disturbances, ideal for safety-critical applications, and is a standard for cars, trucks, buses, planes, machinery, and more.

Access to data gathered from smart sensors is easily accessed through an intuitive online dashboard and mobile app. This includes new support features for faster communication with the FleetPulse team, dashboards to help with business decisions, and customizable safety alerts.

“Safety is a core value of the company and one that we are excited to support through technology innovation,” Froat continued. “Great Dane remains committed to supporting our customers as they continue to transition to a more connected future.

— Ross Froat, Great Dane, Executive Director of Fleetpulse

Source: Great Dane, February 10th 2023