What To Expect From Hydrogen Hubs Summit 2023

Meet the Policymakers, Development Teams, Capital Providers and End-Users Driving the Deployment of Hydrogen Hubs

Hydrogen Hub projects are moving from the drawing board to reality. Federal incentives and funding are enabling hub development teams to drastically reduce the cost of clean hydrogen production to unprecedentedly low levels. The economics combined with hubs’ natural economies of scale are fueling a boom in proposals for multi-billion-dollar hydrogen hub projects and drawing in large numbers of team members, technology suppliers, transportation providers, EPC contractors and more. However, beyond uncertainties in how to meet the stringent requirements to get federal awards and incentives, obtaining the commercial financing necessary to meet the high capital costs of these projects will depend not only on controlling the costs and risks of hydrogen production and delivery, but also on securing long-term commitments from diverse industries looking to decarbonize their operations. How can teams coming from very dissimilar industries, understand each other’s needs and work together to create hubs that will capture funding, incentives, and commercial capital?

The Hydrogen Hubs: Building a Financeable Value Chain Summit will bring policymakers together with today’s leading hub development teams, technology providers and potential hydrogen offtakers ranging from ammonia to fertilizer producers to long-haul transportation to power plant operators—and more—to discuss procurements and development opportunities. The Summit will:

  • Provide updates on the IIJA procurements, obtaining the hydrogen PTC and other government incentives, and tapping into SPO loan guarantees
  • Present overviews of leading hydrogen hub projects serving various end markets
  • Provide an opportunity to listen to and meet with long-haul transportation, electric grid and process industry off-takers to understand what they are looking for in deals
  • Assess the international and domestic demand and supply chains for production equipment
  • Discuss how to structure hydrogen hub project financings to optimize the use of government incentives and obtain commercial financing

Attend the Hydrogen Hubs: Building a Financeable Value Chain Summit and learn how you can secure your place in one or more of the emerging hydrogen hubs!

1Truck America, August 23rd 2023