In a groundbreaking development for the EV charging industry, InCharge Energy has introduced its latest innovation: the ICE-600 split system, capable of charging up to 10 electric vehicles (EVs) simultaneously. This announcement was made today by InCharge Energy, the leading provider of commercial fleet charging services, at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas.

The ICE-600, alongside the ICE-480 and ICE CUBE, is set to revolutionize fleet charging with advanced features and robust performance. These next-generation chargers are equipped with the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector option, enhancing their versatility and compatibility.

Innovative Charging Solutions on Display

At Booth #3001, InCharge is showcasing its state-of-the-art ICE-600 kW split system, which includes a Micro Dispenser capable of delivering up to 500kW from a single connector. The ICE-600’s dynamic power sharing capabilities enable faster charging for up to 10 EVs simultaneously, making it ideal for locations with space constraints.

“InCharge Energy is committed to meeting the evolving needs of commercial fleets,” stated Nikolas Runge, Chief Technology Officer of InCharge Energy. “Our new charging solutions offer powerful, efficient, and dynamic charging for a variety of fleet vehicles, even in limited spaces. As demand for electrification grows, we continue to provide reliable, interoperable solutions that ensure fleet vehicles are always ready for the road.”

Breaking Down the ICE-600

The ICE-600 system is designed to accommodate up to 10 EVs at once, utilizing either ten “Micro” single-cable dispensers or five “Slim Line” dual-cable dispensers. With dynamic power sharing offered in 60kW increments, the system can reallocate power to other vehicles as charging sessions end. The Slim Line dispenser provides an ultra-high charge rate of up to 500kW on a single connector and can be installed on a pedestal or near a wall. The Micro dispenser, offering up to 180kW on one connector, can be mounted overhead or under a loading dock.

Additionally, the ICE-600 can be paired with the new external human-machine interface (HMI) terminal, managing charger access via PIN, RFID, or credit card reader (CCR) verifications. The HMI displays the battery states of charge (SOCs) for all connected EVs on a single screen. Customer deliveries for the ICE-600 are anticipated to begin in Q4 of 2024.

Expanding the Fleet Charging Horizon

In addition to the ICE-600, InCharge Energy introduced the ICE-480 and ICE CUBE systems. The ICE-480 allows for up to eight EVs to be plugged in simultaneously, with dynamic power sharing in 120kW increments and a single connector capable of providing up to 480kW. This system is perfect for quick “en route” charging or space-constrained depots.

The ICE CUBE system, offering 240kW of power with integrated battery storage of 200kWh (expandable to 800kWh), ensures charging availability even during peak periods. It supports up to four vehicles at two dispensers, with two actively charging and two in an idle state, utilizing local grid power, solar panels, power modules, or battery packs for additional cost efficiencies.

Seamless Integration with InControl™ CMS

Visitors to the InCharge booth at the ACT Expo can also explore the InControl™ Charge Management Software (CMS), designed to integrate seamlessly with the new hardware products. This user-friendly software optimizes fleet vehicle productivity, minimizes charging-related energy costs, and helps mitigate demand charges.

InCharge Energy’s latest innovations mark a significant advancement in the EV charging industry, offering powerful, efficient, and scalable solutions to meet the growing needs of commercial fleets. As the electrification of transportation accelerates, InCharge Energy remains at the forefront, delivering cutting-edge technology and unmatched reliability.

Dynamic Power for the Future