Revolutionizing the Road: ConMet’s Advancements in Commercial Vehicle Efficiency

For 60 years, ConMet, a division of Amsted Industries, has been at the forefront of innovation in the commercial vehicle industry. Their extensive range of products – from advanced cast metal components and plastic systems to eMobility solutions – are designed with a focus on both efficiency and sustainability while maintaining world-class quality and durability. Two of their most high-profile products, PreSet Plus® wheel ends and TruckWings® aerodynamic devices, continue to lead the way in freight efficiency.

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Why Efficiency Matters in Freight Transportation

The trucking industry is under pressure from seemingly all directions. Rising fuel costs, strict emissions regulations, and the push for sustainable solutions make freight efficiency a “must,” not a “nice-to-have.”

For a fleet, achieving operational efficiency is critical. Investing in the right equipment upfront can yield significant long-term returns by providing better control over the total cost of ownership for each vehicle. In addition to the financial benefits, enhanced freight efficiency also contributes to environmental sustainability. This is a crucial factor for maintaining business longevity, a goal that any fleet can support.

ConMet Leads the Charge in Green Technologies

ConMet is committed to providing transformative and sustainable solutions to the commercial vehicle industry. Their eMobility products, starting with the Nmotion™ TR series of in-wheel electric motors, support the transition to zero-emission vehicles by enabling fully electric refrigerated trailers.

The company has been also improving sustainability in their plants and their product packaging. They have begun integrating renewable energy sources and highly efficient energy practices at their plants, and have even introduced reusable packaging for high-volume products.

Ongoing research and development efforts ensure that ConMet remains at the cutting edge of efficiency-enhancing, sustainable materials and processes.

Discover the Benefits of PreSet Plus Wheel Ends

Perhaps the product ConMet is most well-known for, PreSet Plus wheel ends are engineered for superior performance. Featuring integrated spindle nuts, enhanced seals, and optimized bearing spacers, these pre-adjusted wheel ends reduce maintenance costs and extend service life.

The use of aluminum creates a more efficient, lightweight wheel end and showcases ConMet’s expertise in high-performance materials.

ConMet has also enhanced the efficiency of PreSet Plus with engineering updates to reduce rolling resistance, improving vehicle efficiency even further. Fleet pilots for this latest version of wheel end technology will begin this summer.

Not only are ConMet’s wheel ends efficient, they are also rigorously tested in-house to ensure they meet the highest quality standards, earning the company numerous performance awards. Thanks to that reliability and performance, PreSet Plus wheel ends have been gaining factory standard status for all North American heavy-duty truck OEMs since its launch in 2011.

Unlock Fuel Savings with TruckWings Aerodynamics

TruckWings technology, ConMet’s most recent addition, offers an easy way for fleets to find substantial reductions in aerodynamic drag. Reducing drag results in improved fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

A TruckWings device works by deploying automatically when the truck reaches highway speeds to close the gap between the back of the truck and the front of the trailer. Closing this gap optimizes airflow around the vehicle, improving vehicle fuel efficiency.

When the truck slows, the TruckWings device automatically retracts to allow easy maneuverability without causing damage to the truck or trailer. Additionally, built-in telematics provides real-time data, including uptime reporting, so fleets can visualize their return on investment (ROI). One of the best parts is, a TruckWings device can be installed on a tractor in about two hours, so there’s no need for a truck to be down for an extended period.

TruckWings is already a proven technology and is utilized by multiple fleets today. Fuel economy testing provider MVTS recently tested diesel and CNG day cab trucks and found an improvement in fuel economy of up to 6% when using a TruckWings-equipped vehicle.

This testing provides further evidence that TruckWings technology improves the efficiency of any heavy-duty vehicle, whether diesel, CNG, or even electric. And with an ROI as short as 18–24 months, TruckWings technology is a key component in achieving greater fuel savings and contributing to greener freight transportation.

Join the Efficiency Revolution with ConMet

Freight efficiency is essential for fleets today, and ConMet is leading the charge with innovative products that drive progress. From PreSet Plus wheel ends to TruckWings aerodynamic devices, ConMet is transforming the industry, making freight transportation more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective. Embrace the future of transportation with ConMet and contribute to a greener, more efficient world.

Discover how ConMet’s products can enhance your fleet’s efficiency. Visit ConMet online or contact your sales representative for detailed product specifications and demonstrations.

Source: ConMet, May 20th 2024