Five Ways Contractors Can Give Back This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, contractors have a unique opportunity to make an impact in their communities. The construction industry builds and shapes our physical environment and can also build and shape lives through acts of kindness and giving. Here are some ways contractors can give back during this holiday season.

  1. Organize community building projects
    Gather a team to volunteer to repair or build homes. Partner with organizations like Habitat for Humanity to help those in need. Offer your company’s skills and resources to build beds for a local shelter. Offer pro bono or reduced rates for community enhancement projects like building or repairing public spaces, parks, playgrounds or community centers. Your team already knows how to work together, so why not help those who are helping others?
  2. Encourage donation drives
    Clothing, food and toy drives work to ensure everyone has warm clothes to wear, enough food to eat and presents for their children. Organize drives to collect warm clothing, toys and other necessities for families in need. Collaborate with local food banks to collect non-perishable food items, which is important all year but especially during the holiday season. A company can also adopt a local family to support throughout the holiday season, providing them with needed resources, gifts or financial assistance.
  3. Implement a volunteer time-off program
    Encourage employees to volunteer this holiday season by offering paid time off for those who participate in community service. This is both a gift to both your workers and those that they help with their time. There are year-round benefits to having a volunteer time off program, such as a happier workforce that is more likely to feel engaged at work.
  4. Support local businesses
    Partner with local vendors for your company needs. From hiring local caterers for holiday events to using local service and materials providers, there is usually a small business you can hire to get the job done. Supporting local businesses has a ripple effect in a community, especially during the holidays.
  5. Host fundraising events
    Organize an auction where workers can donate and bid on items or services, with proceeds going to a local charity. Start a fundraiser to directly support a nonprofit like Construction Angels. Companies that match donations dollar-for-dollar can raise more money and encourage more participation.


Keep giving

The holiday season is a great time to engage in community service and give to those in need. Contractors that contribute to the welfare of their communities foster a sense of team spirit and pride among their workforce that is likely to last long after the holidays. Don’t forget that your community likely has needs all year, so don’t stop giving back when the holidays end.

Source: ConExpo CON/AGG, November 21st 2023