Wheel loss incidents: causes and solution

Wheel loss or wheel separations are more common than a lot of people think. There were incidents revealed by a CNN video. It showed how a tire smashed through a window and bounced off the wheels. In another incident, a wheel created a high risk for other drivers when it rolled down a highway. Such scenarios also possess a serious threat to drivers. Let’s understand the major reasons behind such incidents. We will also talk about the wheel nut indicators for trucks, the best solution for this issue.

Causes of wheel loss

A major cause is air impact wrench misuse. When mechanics or truck owners use this tool, they tighten lug nuts too much. This happens because they aren’t aware of the torque of such wrenches. The wheels don’t remain in place because the bolts are stretched too far.

Another major issue is wearing out of wheel components. The truck owners often don’t realize that nuts, axles, and bolts need to be replaced after a few years. It is crucial to get those parts checked by a reliable mechanic from time to time.

The best solution

Many nut indicators are available in the market to help the owners identify the issue with the wheels. But, they help in such indications only when the vehicle is moving. This is where Squirrel® comes as a better alternative. One can ensure there is no issue with the wheel even when the vehicle is moving. This tool is offered by BrakeMate®, the makers of some of the revolutionary tools for heavy vehicle repairs. They also offer a reliable tool for air disc brake rotor replacement.

Source: brakemate