GNA Acquired by TRC

The clean transportation industry has seen immeasurable growth in the last few years through the increased innovation of vehicle technologies, the accelerated adoption of corporate sustainability commitments and state and federal emissions regulations, and a historic rise in funding opportunities. This momentum is exciting for California-based consulting firm, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA), which has focused its efforts during the past 30 years around driving the commercial transportation industry toward technologies and low-carbon fuels that are environmentally and economically sustainable.

Since its inception in 1993, GNA has managed the design and development of more clean fleet deployment projects than any other firm in North America, assisted by the firm’s industry-leading grant-writing team, which has helped to secure more than $1 billion in incentives on behalf of its clients. While GNA has experienced more than 300% growth in its staff size during the past three years, the team realized it had just scratched the surface in terms of what can be accomplished in the transformation of the commercial transportation sector to cleaner vehicle and fuel solutions. To bolster its resources and further accelerate talent acquisition, GNA is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by TRC, a leading, global consulting, engineering, program and construction management firm that provides environmentally focused and digitally powered solutions, supporting a clean energy future and solving the challenges of making the Earth a better place to live — community by community and project by project.

“We have seen tremendous growth in our business in recent years as governments, OEMs, and fleet operators make significant investments in zero-emission commercial vehicle technologies, driven by an unprecedented volume of public incentive funding, consumer pressures, and ever-growing climate policies and regulatory mandates,” said Erik Neandross, CEO of GNA. “We are extremely excited about this next step in GNA’s journey. As the transportation sector moves to zero-emission technology in the coming decades, TRC’s scale and capabilities, alongside their leadership position in delivering Climate Solutions and their efforts in advancing the broader energy transition, provides an extraordinarily strong foundation for our sustained growth, enabling comprehensive support to our clients.” 

This new direction, fueled by TRC’s team of more than 7,000 employees, will amplify the ongoing efforts by GNA to assist its clients in reducing emissions and providing more communities with an environmentally and socially responsible future. TRC will also help GNA ramp up its ability to recruit and hire experienced experts to serve its clients, including grant writers, compliance specialists, and engineers, as well as communications and marketing strategists.

“GNA’s unmatched sustainable transportation expertise, combined with TRC’s experience with developing energy supply and delivery systems expands our Climate Solutions offering and helps us accelerate the zero-emission vehicle transition,” said Christopher Vincze, chairman and CEO of TRC. “Together, we bring new capabilities and broader support to our clients and utility partners as they address the challenges of fleet electrification.”

A core focus of GNA’s business is working with some of the nation’s most progressive commercial fleet operators to develop and execute clean fleet strategies that achieve their economic and environmental sustainability goals, navigate regulatory requirements, and maximize the financial benefits through public incentives, low carbon fuel standards (LCFS) credits, and more. GNA also works with the leading truck and vehicle manufacturers (OEMs), infrastructure developers, and technology and fuel providers to bring advanced transportation and energy solutions to market.

To further drive market adoption of sustainable transportation solutions, GNA operates a full-service creative services group to provide expert marketing, media, and communications services to its clients in the advanced transportation space, while also producing industry-leading educational events and tradeshows, including its flagship event, the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo.

Advanced Clean Tech (ACT) News, GNA’s online media publication spotlighting the trends, policies, and technologies shaping the future of commercial transportation, has transformed into the news destination for the clean vehicle and fuel industry’s stakeholders. With more than 130,000 annual visitors and an ever-expanding subscriber list, the ACT News team offers engaging articleseducational webinars, and enlightening interviews with some of the top innovators in the industry.

GNA also authors the State of Sustainable Fleets market brief, which includes real world data and testimonials from early adopter fleets across the U.S. to provide deep sector-specific insights into the adoption of natural gas, propane, battery-electric, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. The annual report includes perspectives from several industry associations, as well as an overview of the accelerating adoption of clean fuels and vehicles. According to the 2023 report, at least half of the fleet respondents have operated a medium- or heavy-duty battery-electric vehicle, with 92% of those planning to grow their use.

To support growing market demand for ZEVs, the commercial transportation sector must have the ability to build reliable charging and fueling infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively. With TRC’s deep expertise on developing energy supply and delivery systems, and its relationships with utility clients, GNA is confident that the combined expertise of these teams will help accelerate the ZEV transition.

“TRC’s deep energy industry expertise, long-standing utility relationships, and best-in-class engineering, regulatory, environmental and climate consulting capabilities ensures continued growth and support for our combined clients as they work to transition our transportation system to zero-emission technologies and fuels in the coming decades,” said Sean Turner, GNA’s COO.

GNA will become a part of TRC’s Power Sector, headed by Ed Myszka. The entire GNA team, including its eight partners – Erik Neandross, Sean Turner, Karen Mann, Patrick Couch, Tony Quist, Sarah Gallagher, Joe Annotti, and JoAnne Golden – will remain at the company to lead its continued growth.

“TRC and GNA are well aligned on our fundamental approach to helping clients and communities build an environmentally and socially responsible future,” said Ed Myszka. “As the energy transition accelerates, GNA’s expertise in clean transportation technologies deepens the expertise we bring to clients facing climate challenges.”

The recently announced acquisition will provide the GNA team with additional resources to further clients’ efforts in developing clean fleet deployment, renewable energy projects, and clean fuel and EV fleet charging corridors. It will also expand GNA’s efforts in educating the industry on the need to set net carbon zero goals for companies and the communities they serve, as well as finding the funding to make these projects come to life.

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Source: Gladstein, June 6th 2023