High Positions: Adrian Costache, Sales Director Europe of PRINX Chengshan

In our interview series ‘High Positions’ we ask leaders who shape the business to give us their honest, unfiltered opinion about the state of the industry.

This time, Manuel Lutz, Co-Founder of 1Truck America, talked to Adrian Costache, Sales Director Europe of PRINX Chengshan, about the challenges of today’s market, the differences between Europe, the US and Asia, and what the future will look like.

Manuel Lutz:

Where do you see the industry today and what are its biggest challenges?

Adrian Costache:

The commercial tyre industry is at an inflexion point, specifically for trucks and buses. With mounting concerns over environmental impacts, the European market is rapidly gravitating towards sustainable and green transportation solutions. As a result, the industry faces two main challenges:


Sustainability: Meeting the increasing demand for eco-friendly, durable, high-performance tyres. Tyres that minimise rolling resistance, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, are highly sought.


Digital Transformation: With the rise of Industry 4.0, there’s a pressing need for smart tyres to provide real-time data on wear, temperature, and pressure to optimise vehicle performance and enhance safety.

Manuel Lutz:

What are the differences between the European, American and Asian markets?

Adrian Costache:

Regulatory Landscape: The EU significantly emphasises green and sustainable transportation. Regulations such as EU label grades demand higher performance in terms of fuel efficiency, wet grip, and noise levels. The USA, on the other hand, while still focused on performance, doesn’t have as stringent environmental norms as the EU. Asia, especially emerging markets, prioritises cost-effectiveness but is gradually moving towards adopting sustainability standards similar to Europe.


Market Maturity: European and USA markets mature with more brand-conscious consumers prioritising quality and sustainability. In contrast, many Asian markets are still developing, with a considerable section of consumers prioritizing cost.


Usage Patterns: European roads, especially in Western Europe, are more developed, requiring tyres with longer mileage. Asian markets, with varied terrains, might need a broader range of tyre solutions.


Manuel Lutz:

Where do you see the industry heading in the next couple of years?

Adrian Costache:

The future of the commercial tyre industry lies in the amalgamation of sustainability and technology.

I foresee:

Eco-Friendly Tyres: An increased emphasis on producing 100% recyclable tyres that also deliver on performance.

Integration of AI and IoT: Tyres will become smarter, equipped with sensors providing real-time feedback, enhancing safety, and predictive maintenance.

Circular Economy Models: Tyres will no longer be just a product but a service, integrated into an ecosystem where old tyres are repurposed or broken down into raw materials for new products.

Manuel Lutz:

What exciting new products is Prinx Chengshan currently working on?

Adrian Costache:

PRINX Chengshan is not just a name in the commercial tyre industry; it’s a legacy. With 47 years of dedication and expertise under its belt, the company stands as a testament to tireless innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Embarking on an ambitious journey of international expansion, PRINX Chengshan is unearthing the importance of proximity. The company’s strategy is clear: be closer to major markets and cater to them with tailor-made solutions. This isn’t about merely exporting a product; it’s about understanding, adapting, and delivering precisely what each market needs. And to ensure this local resonance, we’ve onboarded a cadre of industry experts in every region, individuals who not only understand tyres but the very pulse of their respective markets.

The year 2021 was more than just a page-turn in a calendar for PRINX Chengshan. It marked the brand’s emphatic relaunch in the EU market, a statement that showcased our commitment to serving European roads with unparalleled excellence. And true to our promise, the commercial tyre range has seen active expansion, each product echoing our ethos of modernity and premium quality. A testament to our dedication to quality is the certification from TUV SUD Germany, a gold standard in product assurance, vouching for our commitment to our customers.

However, resting on laurels isn’t our style. We are future-forward, always anticipating the needs of tomorrow. The recent unveiling of our mega trailer product line is designed specifically for modern fleets, ensuring they roll smoother and longer. Recognising the global push towards greener transportation, we’ve also introduced urban bus application products, perfectly aligned with the newest generation of EV buses, ensuring quieter, safer, and more efficient rides in our cities.

But none of this would be possible without our valued local partners. Together, we’re more than just businesses; we’re collaborators on a mission. Their insights and ground knowledge empower us to craft the right solutions for fleets, ensuring every wheel turns optimally on every road. Moreover, their support in market surveillance significantly fuels our R&D efforts, ensuring that our products aren’t just for today but are designed with tomorrow in mind.

At PRINX Chengshan, we don’t just manufacture tyres; we craft future-ready solutions, and with every rotation, we drive the world forward.

Adrian Costache – Sales Director Europe of PRINX CHENGSHAN TIRE EUROPE

With over 20 years of experience in the tire industry, Adrian is a passionate and driven sales leader who thrives on delivering results and exceeding expectations. His core competencies include new business development, sales operations, sales processes, and market intelligence.

Starting in 2002, he worked as a purchasing and price manager and then as a national sales manager for Auto Soft Service Roti.

In 2016 he switched to PRINX Chengshan, starting out as Area Sales Manager for Southern Europe, but quickly moving up the ladder to become Sales Director for all of Europe.

In his current role, he oversees the sales strategy and performance for all territories in Europe, managing a team of area sales managers. He is responsible for ensuring the achievement of sales targets, KPIs, and customer satisfaction in the European market. Adrian also visits regions, markets, prospects, and key accounts regularly to build and maintain strong relationships and identify opportunities for growth. Some of the skills that he applies and develops in his role are new business development, sales operations, sales processes, market intelligence, customer acquisition, and strategic partnerships. In doing so, he has successfully expanded the company’s customer portfolio, market share, and brand awareness in the European tire market.

About PRINX Chengshan:
PRINX Chengshan is a leading manufacturer of high-quality tires for passenger cars, trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles. As a global company, headquartered in Hong Kong, they are committed to providing innovative, safe, and sustainable solutions for mobility and transportation.
Their brands include PRINX, Chengshan, Austone and Fortune Tires. With 8.15 Billion Dollars in revenue (2022), 330 authorized patents, and a distribution system that spans 6 continents and 169 countries, they are truly a major player in the industry. 
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1Truck America, October 4th 2023