High Positions: Michael Precia, CEO of Fleetworthy Solutions

In our interview series ‘High Positions’ we ask leaders who shape the business to give us their honest, unfiltered opinion about the state of the industry.

This time, Manuel Lutz, Co-Founder of 1Truck America, talked to Michael Precia, CEO of Fleetworthy Solutions, about random drug testing.

Manuel Lutz:

Random drug testing can be very complex; what do motor carriers need, to be best prepared? And what are some of the variables that they need to take into consideration?

Michael Precia:

Motor carriers need to maintain an active roster of all their DOT regulated drivers, update whenever a driver leaves the company or moves into another role that isn’t DOT regulated as well as add newly hired drivers into their Fleet.
Failure to maintain an accurate and current roster will result in skewing their minimum requirements for DOT/FMCSA selections – 50% for Drug and 10% for Alcohol. Motor Carriers must be aware of the need for alternate selections, should one of their initially selected drivers be unavailable for a test.
This must be documented as to why they couldn’t test, who was selected in lieu of, and the result posted to their account. Without a system, process and third party to manage the selection, tracking, follow-up and reporting, a Motor Carrier will be at risk of failing to meet the minimum requirements.
This could result in an unsatisfactory rating during an FMCSA audit, limit their ability to carry for certain customers and ultimately, put their operations at risk. Motor Carriers should also prepare for their drivers to immediately stop their actions and report to the clinic assigned once the driver is notified of their selection, which is required to be random and without advance notice.
This can interrupt business function and the Motor Carrier should consider all factors, such as SLAs, delivery schedules and other intervening functions to ensure the test results in as little impact to business and the least amount of resistance from the driver as possible. There are numerous other requirements and considerations for Motor Carriers to prepare for, which is why working directly with a third party such as Fleetworthy Solutions should be top priority for anyone who takes compliance seriously or needs help recovering from previous actions taken against them.

Manuel Lutz:

How should an employer handle drug testing his drivers and are there any programs that can help manage the process? 

Michael Precia:

Any Motor Carrier should be aware of the requirements within the Drug Testing regulations, understanding that even though it may be an inconvenience to their operations and drivers, it is a necessity to demonstrate Safety Controls within their organization.

When a driver roster is selected randomly, the Motor Carrier should review the list then coordinate internally with their team to randomly notify. Try to avoid doing it all at one time, as drivers will talk and give an opportunity to adulterate their specimen.

Motor Carriers should also vary when they send drivers quarter over quarter. If you wait until the end of the quarter to submit, it will become a pattern noticed – try to send throughout the quarter. Randoms, if in a self-managed pool, are selected Quarterly. If in a national consortium, it will be every two months.

Fleetworthy Solutions’ program will manage your active driver roster, submit your list for random selection, provide ePassports with directions for each selected driver then report, follow-up and adjust future quarterly pulls should the selections require additional drivers to meet the minimums.

Fleetworthy will also select your alternates, track their specimen submission and include in your DOT regulated reporting metrics.

Michael Precia – CEO of Fleetworthy Solutions

Michael Precia is the President and CEO of Fleetworthy Solutions, the leading provider of cloud-based compliance software, risk mitigation, and managed service safety solutions that helps commercial fleets surpass the compliance requirements of federal, state, and local regulations. Michael has over 25 years of experience selling and managing sales and account management teams delivering SaaS solutions to global organizations. Holding successful management positions at Purchasepro, Perfect Commerce, Capgemini and Sciquest, Michael joined Fleetworthy in 2017 as the Executive Vice President of Sales. In 2019, he was named President and CEO of Fleetworthy Solutions and since then he has led company growth through strategic acquisitions, critical partnerships, and positive leadership. Along with being a nationally recognized leader in the transportation industry, Michael is also a huge supporter of his local community and chamber of commerce and was recently a recipient of Madison, Wisconsin’s 2023 ‘Best of Madison Business Leaders’ award and he also led Fleetworthy into being an award winning 2023 ‘Best Place to Work’ company in Madison, Wisconsin. Michael believes in the powerful three-legged stool approach of People, Data, and Technology to deliver best-in-class compliance solutions to the market which led him to being a key contributor in the vision for Fleetworthy’s intelligent compliance platform, CPSuite.

About Fleetworthy Solutions

Fleetworthy is the leading provider of cloud-based compliance, risk mitigation, and safety solutions for commercial fleets. Over 1,500 commercial fleets, including some of America’s largest private fleets, for-hire carriers, and 3PLs rely on Fleetworthy to manage and identify risk, adhere to DOT, IFTA, IRP, and other regulations, and help ensure safe and compliant operations, covering a footprint of more than 210,000 drivers and over 260,000 assets. With a 40-year-long successful track-record, deep commercial fleet experience, and a flexible delivery model that ranges from a cloud-based do-it-yourself software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to fully outsourced, turnkey subscription-based tech-enabled managed services, Fleetworthy helps private fleets, for-hire carriers and third-party logistics companies of all sizes surpass compliance of federal, state, and local regulations and streamline processes to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and operate more safely and efficiently.

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1Truck America, August 29th 2023