The International HV Series lineup breaks new ground by successfully blending rugged performance with enhanced driver comfort – a rare feat in the world of severe-duty trucks. Drawing inspiration from feedback provided by over 100 vocational customers, the truckmaker from Lisle, Ill., has meticulously crafted a worksite workhorse that prioritizes interior refinement and safety improvements over aerodynamic efficiencies.

Revolutionary Cab Design:

The HV Series exhibits familiar features such as the imposing hood and grille, reminiscent of the renowned WorkStar. However, International has taken cues from their other successful models like the RH, LT, and MV trucks to elevate the cab design. Lowered window sills, redesigned doors eliminating the vent window, and improved seals minimize air leaks and wind noise. Pedestal mirrors have been repositioned for enhanced visibility, and a low-rake windshield further improves the driver’s line of sight. Additionally, a door-mounted airfoil keeps rainwater off the side window, enhancing overall visibility and driver comfort.

Optimal Visibility and Ergonomics:

For even better visibility, set-back axle models can be equipped with an optional high-visibility hood. This unique design adds a downward slope to the grille, providing an impressive 7-foot line-of-sight improvement to the ground. With a remarkable inside wheel cut of up to 50 degrees, navigating tight turns and crowded streets becomes easier and safer, a challenging task for a truck boasting a 197-inch wheelbase.

The interior of the HV Series offers a premium driving experience. The driver is presented with a new, top-of-the-line instrument cluster, identical to those featured in the LT, RH, and LoneStar models. This central unit comes equipped with a driver information display, and on higher trim levels, a larger customizable screen allows drivers to personalize virtual gauges, ensuring essential data is readily available within their field of view.

Improved Control and Comfort:

International has made significant improvements to the gear selector for the standard Allison 6-speed automatic transmission. It has been moved to a stalk on the steering column and now features an integrated engine brake for smoother and more efficient operation. The redesigned wing panel offers increased knee room and includes an AC vent, providing better comfort for center-seat riders.

The truck’s dash panel offers ample space for up to 30 customizable switches, facilitating seamless functionality for various body upfit configurations. These switches have been enlarged for ease of use, even when wearing gloves, and are thoughtfully backlit for improved nighttime visibility.

Simplified Truck Customization:

Unlike its predecessor, the WorkStar, the HV Series streamlines the truck customization process. Customers can now choose from five distinct models without sacrificing any of the features they have come to expect. Additionally, the International HV Series employs the Diamond Logic electrical system, boasting nearly 200 factory-available body integration and driver efficiency features. This system also allows for the customization of various vehicle functions to suit specific needs.

Outstanding Performance:

The International HV Series excels in performance, with a robust Super Single half-inch thick frame rail capable of supporting up to 3.35M RBM. An integral 20- and 27-inch frame extension, rather than a bolt-on design, enhances rigidity. For off-road applications, the 20,000 lb. off-set bowl front drive axle ensures a lower ride height compared to traditional center bowl axles, while cross member anchored tow loops prevent frame twisting.

Versatility and Powertrain Options:

The HV Series caters to various service applications, such as crane and boom operations, with all-wheel-drive configurations available. The truck offers versatile setups ranging from 4×2 to 8×6, with BBCs (bumper-to-back-of-cab) of either 107- or 113-inch. Both set-forward and set-back front axles are available, and a clean Cab-to-Axle configuration further adds to the truck’s flexibility. Powering the HV Series is the reliable A26 engine as standard, while options include Cummins B6.7 or L9 engines, delivering excellent horsepower and torque for demanding vocational tasks.

Enhanced Safety and Braking:

The International HV Series boasts air disc brakes as standard, providing superior stopping power that proves invaluable while navigating steep grades with heavy loads. This marks a departure from the more traditional drum brakes that have been popular in severe service applications. The air disc brakes not only deliver enhanced stopping capabilities but also ease maintenance, making them a compelling choice in this segment.


International’s HV Series revolutionizes the realm of vocational trucks by bringing together exceptional performance and driver comfort. Designed with insights from industry professionals and featuring cutting-edge innovations from the company’s successful on-highway lineup, this series offers an ideal solution for lighter-duty vocational applications seeking a balance of power, comfort, and finesse. The HV Series is a testament to International’s commitment to providing top-notch solutions that meet the diverse needs of today’s trucking industry.

International HV Series: Uniting Severe Duty and Driver Comfort