In an industry where perception holds immense significance and punctuality is paramount, the team based in Beaverton, Oregon relies on a duo of Mack Anthem models to elegantly transport their fleet of Ferraris across the continent. This strategic move ensures both style and timeliness, allowing them to dedicate their attention to their high-performance vehicles and meticulous race day preparations.

Rich Baek, the founder and primary driver of the Vital Speed Motorsports team, articulates, “The combination of Mack’s enduring resilience with cutting-edge technology that enhances safety and driving pleasure simply aligns perfectly with our mission and expectations.”

Kevin Swartout, the director of strategic programs at Vital Speed Motorsports, underscores the gravity of their track endeavors, stating, “Our track performance hinges on a meticulously orchestrated preparation process, providing us with the foundation for triumph. We approach the track exuding confidence, arriving in the most impressive and formidable truck, accompanied by a brilliantly illuminated trailer and impeccably maintained cars, all indicative of our readiness to compete.”

Exhibiting a synthesis of potency, efficiency, and comfort, the Mack Anthem model distinctively stands out with its unmistakable Mack design. Adorned with a bold grille and meticulously engineered aerodynamics to enhance fuel efficiency, the Mack Anthem empowers both drivers and enterprises to master the roads they traverse.

Upholding operational continuity is a non-negotiable for Vital Speed, as the synchronization of their car arrivals with the race schedule is imperative. Consequently, they’ve formed a strategic alliance with Mack dealer TEC Equipment, an enterprise spanning the Western U.S., to cater to their maintenance and spare parts requirements.

Baek eloquently expresses the harmonious collaboration, “We revel in the privilege of maneuvering the world’s premier sports cars for competitive racing. Similarly, entrusting the transportation of this exceptional equipment to Mack trucks mirrors our philosophy. The synergy continues with TEC, an integral force in sustaining the uninterrupted functionality of our trucks. This synergy ensures the reliable distribution of our merchandise to diverse regions throughout the year, an undertaking of paramount significance.”

Mack races with Ferrari