Volvo Receives Record Order of 1,000 Trucks

Volvo Trucks has signed a letter of intent to sell 1,000 electric trucks between now and  2030 to Holcimone of the world’s largest building solution providersThe deal is the largest commercial order to date for Volvo electric trucks, and the first 130 trucks will be delivered in 2023 and 2024.

Holcim is a global provider of building solutions, with headquarters in Switzerland. Now, the company and its contractors have, with Volvo Trucks, agreed to plan for the deployment of 1,000 electric Volvo trucks across Holcim’s operations in Europe between now and 2030.  

The first 130 heavy electric Volvo FH and Volvo FM trucks will be delivered to markets including France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK during the fourth quarter of 2023 and throughout 2024.  

The agreement is a result of a wider partnership between Holcim and Volvo Group. 

“Long-term collaboration and a strong commitment to really make a difference are essential for making big CO2 reductions a reality. I’m very proud of the partnership we have developed with Holcim, and the results we are achieving together,” says Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO Volvo Group. 

“The net-zero transition requires deep collaboration across value chains. We are excited to be partnering with Volvo to decarbonize our European operations’ logistics with electric fleets, advancing our goal to reach 30% of zero-emission heavy-duty trucks by 2030,” says Jan Jenisch, Chairman and CEO of Holcim. 

By replacing 1,000 existing Volvo FH diesel trucks with Volvo FH Electric trucks using green electricity on a typical route, up to 50,000 tons of CO2 could be saved every year.  

Both companies are committed to the Science-based targets initiative, which drives ambitious climate action in the private sector, and both are also founding members of First Movers Coalition (FMC).  

Facts: FMC 

The FMC (First Movers Coalition) is a coalition of companies that use their purchasing power to create early markets for innovative clean technologies across eight hard-to-abate sectors.  

Facts: The Science-Based Targets Initiative 

The Science-based Targets initiative (SBTi) drives ambitious climate action in the private sector by enabling organizations to set science-based emissions reduction targets. Targets are considered ‘science-based’ if they are in line with what the latest climate science says is necessary to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement – limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. 

Facts: Holcim 

Holcim is a global provider of building solutions, headquartered in Switzerland. It has a presence in more than 60 countries and around 60,000 employees.  


The CO2 saving is based on calculation using the Volvo Trucks Environmental Footprint Calculator (comparing CO2 output  over an annual mileage of 80,000km for a truck with a total weight of 44 tonnes and assuming the diesel comparator uses 7% biodiesel and achieves an average of 23l/100km). 

Source: Volvo Group, May 22nd 2023